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Where the Transformation Begins...

This is the information collecting part of the process.  Below is a form created to get some of the basic details to start the ordering process.  Once you press the button to submit the information, we will begin our trip down the rabbit hole of creation! We will reach out to get any bits of information we may still need to get ideas and pricing together for you.  As we discuss details, I will work to understand your vision so that I may bring it to life! 

Wisdom to Impart - When placing an order, please be prepared to pay a retainer fee of 50% or up to $250 to secure your order and reserve your spot.  All orders must be paid in full by 2 weeks prior to pick-up/delivery.  If you are a little behind and placing your order within the 2-week period before the pick-up/delivery date, the full amount will be due immediately.

All payments are final/NO REFUNDS!  Details are included in the Contract: Terms and Agreements provided with the Invoice.  To view the Terms and Agreements now  

Get ready to go....

Custom Order

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Thank you and can't wait to see where we land!

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