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for more information on the flavor options and combination suggestions


We don't want you to choose the wrong path when it comes to your tastebuds, so here you can order four different flavor combinations to see which way to go.  We only offer Pick-Up Tastings, but you can share with 5 friends (each large cupcake can be cut into 6 pieces).  Once you submit the form, we will get back to you with any questions and then send an invoice for payment.

Wisdom to Impart:  The pick-up location is 4059 Hickory Fork Rd, Gloucester, VA, 23061 (parking lot of Belroi Marketplace).

A typical tasting consists of.....

4 flavor combinations of cake and icing (without filling) .........................  $30.00

                                                            additional per filling .....................  $5.00

Gluten Free has an upcharge of $2.50 per flavor for tastings

When you proceed with your main order, 50% of the tasting will be removed from the total.



Tasting Inquiry

Thank you and we can't wait to see which path you take!

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